The video beating is an experimental performance-video which discusses the role and power-play of the two genders in a relationship -also in a same-sex relationship- in this case a relationship between two young artists.
The idea arose out of some kind of emergent love and the previous project about violence and victimhood, which I did.
I was interested in why people do bad things to one another and how they can hurt each other. After having done research on this behavior among mankind, I wanted to try out for myself if I could hurt another human being. In my individual case as an artist I am interested in human behavior, especially the behavior of the people I love. He would be an offender for the first time.

Me-Jasmina Kirsch as an artist- I myself wanted to explore who is the more dominant in a man-woman-relationship- and  especially what are the facets of any relationship? Aren’t we  always also hurting each other in social relationships in one way or the other, voluntary or involuntary?

I’m the offender, the only rules were to only hit the body, not the face, when he wouldn’t stand up anymore it was over and I wasn’t allowed to help him in any way.The original beating lasted 38 min, which are now cut into 9.07 min.
The straight cuts and noise enhances the graphic images of the beating.

(performed by Jasmina Kirsch and Paul van Sprundel)

Copyright © 2010, Jasmina Kirsch | KVK-Nr.: 30216858